Target Aisle Assistant

Invision Prototype Link
Process Deck
Web and mobile design

The focus of Aisle Assistant is to support guests who are toy shopping and do not have children or may be unfamiliar with the child they're shopping for. I created an experience that provided guests insight into the age group they are shopping for such as the child's developmental stage and the interests of children at that age. The guest will see recommended toy categories that relate back to the information they were provided. This helps give guests confidence in their purchase knowing that the toy will actually benefit the child and have a place in the child's life.

Target Tiny Timeline by Joe Gracz

Target Tiny Timeline

Invision Prototype Link
Web and mobile design

This project is aimed at first time parents who are unaware of what products they need to purchase for the transitions their baby will go through. My concept is an interactive experience that gives parents a timeline of what transitions their child may be experiencing and what products are available at Target to help.

RIT College Activities Board website
Web design

I work for the RIT College Activities Board and served as the lead designer for our website redesign. Our old site was outdated and difficult to navigate. As our organization continues moving towards digital advertising we wanted to provide a quick, and exciting way for students to see upcoming CAB events in a modern interface.

Fantasy Guru

Video prototype
Process deck
App design

Fantasy football is a growing hobby across America with anywhere from 30 to 75 million Americans participating in leagues each year. With this growth of the hobby comes a growth in the analytics and strategy that plays into fantasy football. Unfortunately, many of these analytic tools lay out data in a spreadsheet format, making it difficult for people to discern any useful conclusions from the data. The Fantasy Guru app looks to remedy this issue by creating a visual representation of player statistics, allowing users to quickly compare and contrast players in an efficient, sleek, and modern interface.

Orlando Solar Bears website

Web design

The Orlando Solar Bears minor league hockey franchise has one of the most unique identities in hockey. Unfortunately their current website lacks the usability a website for a franchise this unique deserves. I created an exciting and sophisticated design to help promote the unique brand and colors of the Solar Bears organization.

RIT Events page

Web design

RIT has a great community of organizations and clubs that put on entertaining events for students and the Rochester community. One of the ways students can see the upcoming events is through the page. The current page lacks the emotion and excitement RIT's events have. My design looks to entice students in attending RIT's great events through vivid imagery and a modern interface that reflects RIT's technologic roots.

Other Work

Logo design, typography, video editing and animation

Joe Gracz

Hey, what's up, my name's Joe.

I'm a New Media Design senior at RIT. I have a passion for design and learning innovative techniques. I enjoy creating new experiences for people to engage with and learn from. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone have an "Aha" moment when interacting with one of my designs. I love working with people who are passionate in their field and are always looking to learn. If I'm not working on a design project, you can probably find me at the ice rink playing hockey.

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